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If you love Kyoto, photography, or by any chance both, you’ve come to the right place!

This site is about my passion for photography, which I have pursued now for over 20 years and my love for Kyoto, where I live for 5+ years. This also lead to the name Kyotographer (Kyoto + photographer).

I hope you enjoy the photos on this site as much as I did taking them!

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Kimono Girl posing with Parasol<br />
<br />
In Front of a Japanese House with Plum Tree

Kimono Girl posing with Parasol

In Front of a Japanese House with Plum Tree

Oh, hello again, you kept on reading! Granted the intro above is intentionally short. Let me start off with a journey through my photographic interests and focuses…

One of my earliest memories taking pictures was in the British Museum and at Kew Gardens, both located in London.

In my early days of me undeniably being a photo-enthusiast, I considered myself a travel photographer. Everybody who takes pictures on vacations knows how easy it is compared to photographing one’s own hometown. At least many start out this way.

I still like taking pictures on vacations and on trips, it just comes naturally.

By now, I am also an experienced event photographer as I had the chance to photograph weddings, charities, non-profit and commercial events.

The fascination of capturing moments of people on events lead me to my latest interest in candid photography (or street photography).

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